Poulan P3314 Gas-Powered Chainsaw Roundup

Review of: Poulan P3314 Chainsaw

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When bad weather strikes and trees start falling on the yard, you need a piece of equipment that can clear off the debris and make it look clean again. Well, the Poulan P3314 Gas-Powered Chainsaw is highly recommendable for this task. It will clear your property and restore access to the outside world in just a few minutes. This medium-sized machine is perfect for performing light cutting duties around the house. Moreover, for safety there’s an inertia-activated chain brake system which stops rotation should any kickback occur.

Features of the Poulan P3314 Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Poulan P3314 14-Inch 33cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Chain Saw

This is the bit where you add on what the features will be.

  • Built-in primer bulb.  The unit has an in-built primer bulb that lights up during start for easy indication. You don’t have to guess when it’s on/off.
  • Cutting range of 28 inches diameter.  A 14-inch blade with 33 cc gas capacity for handling tough duties, this gives an overall cutting range of 28-inches diameter. Also available is a dual-cycle gas run chainsaw with automatic oiler system. It keeps the steel bar and rotation chain fully lubricated at all times.
  • Super clean air-filtration system.  Has unique super clean air-filtration system that helps in extending the overall life cycle of your unit.
  • Powerful.  Powerful enough to cut all types of wood with minimal ease, it doesn’t matter if the fallen tree is Cyprus, Eucalyptus or Maple. Poulan P3314 will still do the job effortlessly.

Advantages of the Poulan P3314 Gas-Powered Chainsaw

The Poulan P3314 Gas-Powered Chainsaw has a stack of features and has many advantages for being such a lightweight chainsaw.

  • ​It starts fast and cuts accurately. The machine won’t fail you even once when performing multiple errands. The product rivals other bigger chainsaws considering that it’s lightweight, portable and also easier to maintain. Pricing is very affordable as well.
  • The blade continues remaining sharp even after continuous use, you don’t have to keep refining the tip after every few days. It’s built for maximum performance and reliability. The cutting-edge is also robust and will not break or bend under pressure.
  • It restarts effortlessly even in winter season when temperatures sometimes fall below minus zero. All you have to do is warm the system for a few minutes so that it can pick up heat.
  • It can be left to run on idle mode when the operator is taking a rest after heavy working, the machine won’t jerk off or shut down during this time and can be used immediately afterwards.

Though the benefits of Poulan P3314 Gas-Powered Chainsaw outweigh any demerits present, some people complain that it lacks a vibration dampening system on the handle bar. After running it for a couple of hours your hands may start feeling numb. Moreover, sometimes the unit may stall when adding gas to the operating cylinder, the choke back will automatically pop back in under such circumstances. Typically, it takes only 2-3 cord pulls to jump-start the primer but if debris is dislodged inside the chain then it can prevent the unit from running.


The Poulan P3314 branded chainsaw offers maximum reliability and performance at low cost. It’s perfect for both menial light cutting and heavy-duty tasks around the home. This product comes fully assembled from the manufacturers and is ready to use immediately upon arrival. For the best results, remember to warm your machine first before performing any duty.