The Gas Powered Husqvarna 450

Review of: Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw

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If you’re seeking to buy a chainsaw for the first time then Husqvarna 450 is probably the best brand for you. It’s a versatile and powerful machine that exhibits immense strength when handling a wide variety of tasks, the product also comes fitted with a Smart Start button for easy activation.

Features of the Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw

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With a name like Husqvarna you'd expect the chainsaw which follows to be of the highest quality and packed with features.

  • 18 inch blade system.  Has a sharp 18-inch blade system that delivers exceptionally well and also requires very little maintenance. Making it practical for use by those who cut timber on a regular basis. It can slice through a 12 inch maple tree in just under 10 seconds.
  • Fill me up.  Sold together with a set of 3.32 ounce cans of special pre-mix fuel for increased motor functioning.
  • 3.2 hp torq engine.  Reduces harmful fume emissions from the exhaust, while also promoting enhanced fuel efficiency.
  • Inertia activated saw brake.  For instant pausing in case of any technical faults V. 2 to 4 yrs warranty cover from manufacturers.

Advantages of the Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw

  • Medium-sized, easy to handle and runs quietly. The machine doesn’t produce noise when operating hence making it ideal for use in suburban areas, you won’t contend with neighbors complaining about clamor produced when chopping down logs.
  • A bar tool accessory is available for easy chain removal and replacement. If you feel the blades aren’t sharp enough, simply take out, refine and then fit back into position.
  • The motor-head starts easy and has vibration dampening capabilities, this reduces hand soreness when working full throttle.
  • Doesn’t leak gas even after extended usage. The fuel tank system is watertight and can withstand high external pressure without cracking or leaking up, this ensures that the operator is always safe from explosions that may otherwise occur when exposed gas comes to contact with fire.

Despite the numerous benefits that this product has, there are still certain flaws that one should watch out for. For instance, some people have expressed dissatisfaction that the blade lock occasionally jams up during work. Also beware of chain kickbacks that may sometimes cause jerking and make the machine to fall down when holding it. Similarly, the overall design wasn’t well thought out as it easily allows the lock differential to slide past its supporting guide.


Husqvarna 450 is an excellent chainsaw for homeowners looking for a reliable and practical machine for cutting down trees that have fallen in the backyard. It has an 18 inch chain bar capable of cutting through the toughest of stumps. Moreover, the blades remain sharp for longer meaning you’ll spend even lesser time worrying about sharpening it every now and again. This product is built to last and won’t wear down easily even when operating in full throttle from morning till evening. Nevertheless, for safe storage ensure that you keep it in a dry and cool area away from moisture or direct sunlight which may cause the gas to expand. Also clean the machine immediately after use so that it can be ready the next time you need it. This product will get the job done with minimal effort required.